Sacred Sole Massage & Bodywork


"Last week, my back went out due to a muscular failure that resulted in me being on the floor and not being able to get up. Very painful. Theresa gave me three sessions last week - a sports therapy massage and cupping - and one week later I'm almost as good as new.

I've lived in Washington DC and have traveled around the country and have invested in regular massage as a wellness support for years. I can say without hesitation that Theresa Young is the most talented masseuse I have encountered. Thank you Theresa for putting me back on my feet!

"Theresa is simply awesome.  The space is inviting and relaxing.  She goes above and beyond to make you feel comfortable.  Theresa is so professional yet laid back and so easy to talk with.  She always explains what she is going to do and what she uses for ingredients.  She is knowledgeable and has always been able to provide answers and give suggestions.  Theresa has a unique style that is able to target the tough spots yet leave you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated."

Sacred Sole Massage & Bodywork is an Independent Massage Therapy Studio located in the heart of Galena's Historic Main Street. It is a peaceful oasis amidst the buzz of Main Street shopping, dining, and entertainment!



  • Fijian Barefoot Massage
  • Restorative Swedish Massage
  • Therapeutic Cupping 
  • Thai Herbal Compression Massage‚Äč
  • Outcall Private Spa Service for Groups
  • ‚ÄčIntegral Sound Healing 

Specializing in Fijian barefoot deep tissue massage, restorative Swedish techniques, and therapeutic cupping for ultimate myofascial decompression. 

Client Testimonials...

Theresa Young, LMT is the owner/therapist at Sacred Sole Massage & Bodywork.  Theresa specializes in Fijian Barefoot Massage, which is the most decadent, relaxing, deep-tissue massage on the planet!  From the Islands of Fiji to Galena Illinois...find out for yourself!  

The Studio...