Sacred Sole Massage & Bodywork


Theresa Young, LMT is a licensed therapeutic massage practitioner and the founder of Sacred Sole Massage and Bodywork.

Her specialties include the following bodywork modalities: 

  • Fijian Barefoot Massage
  • Therapeutic and Restorative Swedish Massage
  • Thai Steamed Herbal Compression Massage
  • Therapeutic Cupping (Both Fire and Air Cupping) 
  • Chinese Facial Fusion Massage
  • Hot Stone Synergy Massage
  • Kinesiotaping​
  • Couples Massage and Couples Learning Workshop

Theresa Young, LMT

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I came to Galena in 2009 to rebuild my own version of the "GoodLife."   Galena became my personal renaissance, and Massage Therapy became my art and my passion! 

My work has evolved over the years as a fusion of all my experiences as a therapeutic bodyworker, and each session draws from the various methods of massage that I have learned.   

Galena's Main Street Independent Massage Therapy Studio!

​412 South Main Street, Suite 204

ENTRANCE Rear of building 
Upstairs ~ Suite 202