Sacred Sole Massage & Bodywork


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Walk-In Weekends!

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Walk-In Service Menu
Available During Select Weekends Only.

Chair Massage  
$18 / 15 Minutes  or  $36 / 30 Minutes
Relax in a specially designed massage chair. Your therapist focuses on acupressure points and traditional techniques to address the most common areas of muscle tension.

Fijian Barefoot Massage
$18 / 15 Minutes  or  $36 / 30 Minutes
Your therapist uses her bare feet to create deeply relaxing and luxurious therapeutic work.  Fijian Barefoot Massage is the most decadent deep tissue massage on the Planet! 

Polynesian Foot Ritual Massage 
$45 / 30 Minutes
Tension and stress melt away as your feet soak in a warm bath of herbal tea, salts, and essential oils. Massage of the feet/legs is inspired by Polynesian and other foot rituals around the world. The feet are the foundation for the entire being…this foot massage ritual serves to clear negative energy. In a word, it is … divine! 

Cold Stone Facial Massage
$45 / 30 Minutes
A relaxing and rejuvenating facial massage engaging specific pressure points on the face, shoulders and neck. Cold marble stones uplift, cool, and release tension.